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A huge collection of free and printable Disney coloring pages for kids and pictures from colouring books, with princesses, fairies and many more Disney characters

Hey there. Here on this blog we offer you pages and pictures of all the famous Disney characters so you can print them and give do your kids to color. You don't have to buy colouring books anymore, no. It's enough to come here, find what you're looking for, download the sheets on your PC and then print them. Then just buy some creyons and markers and hand them to your kids, they'll know what to do next.

Here are some of our popular Disney coloring pictures:

Just bellow you can find our latest coloring pages with Walt Disney characters. You can see more by navigating on the other pages (at the bottom of the site) or by surfing the sheets trough categories. All in one, we're sure you'll find here just the pcitures you were looking for and we wish you and your little ones happy coloring.

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Tweety Bird Coloring Pages

Tweety Bird Coloring Pages

There are countless attractive Tweety coloring sheets available in crafts stores and on the internet. All you need to do is search for them! It will be well worth the effort.

In these images, one of children’s favorite characters is decked out in different costumes and in varying poses.

Tweety bird coloring pictures can show the character as a sailor, a teacher, or a fisherman. If you have a compilation of Tweety bird coloring pages, then leave it up to your kid to color what image they like best.

Even such a simple thing can help them get a sense of independence. This is important in many aspects of their life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sonic Coloring Pages

Sonic Coloring Pages

Are you looking for interesting coloring sheets for your kids? If so, look no further than Sonic coloring pages.

Children from all over the world adore this character. His speed, his coolness, and willingness to save Planet earth endear him to boys and girls alike.

The cartoon has all the ingredients of a successful series: likeable character, simple yet unforgettable plotline, and interesting superpowers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sesame Street Coloring Pages

Sesame Street Coloring Pages

Sesame Street coloring pages are among the most downloaded coloring sheets on the internet. And no wonder. Even before the internet became widespread, the black and white Sesame street pages are already in high-demand from bookstores, kid’s stores, and crafts establishment.

The history of Sesame Street goes a long way back. It was initially introduced in 1969 but since everyone loved it, the show became the longest running TV program in the United States.

Even some adults can’t help but love the series because it provides important lessons that are applicable in real life.

The Sesame Street series has over 40 seasons exemplifying the meaning of true “staying power”. Due to its timeframe, the show has entertained many generations. Children, who later became adults, also wanted to show Sesame Street to their won kids. Read the rest of this entry »

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

The pumpkin has become so synonymous with Halloween that for a number of people, kids and adults alike, they think of the pumpkin together with costumes and trick or treating simultaneously.

It is interesting how the pumpkin became the symbol of this occasion. But the color of the vegetable is certainly suitable and it lights up the imagination.

When Halloween is approaching, expect to see pictures and colors of Halloween to be strewn around the area. The whole of the United States has a great blast to mark the end of the season.

Carving pumpkins has become one of the ways to celebrate it. For the parents of young children, this presents an unbeatable time to make lasting memories. Read the rest of this entry »

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Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

Who hasn’t heard of this story: a price was turned into a frog and when a beautiful princess kisses him, he turns back into the handsome prince.

It is a classic tale of “love conquers all”. In fact, some girls squeal with delight whenever their moms tell them this story.

This class story also resonates with grown women who are still thinking about their loved one. The story of this prince and princess is timeless and its theme is universal.

There is no doubt about it: the Princess and the Frog is a magical story that has captivated a lot of hearts around the world. So it’s not a surprise that Princess and the Frog are among the most sought-after coloring sheets. Read the rest of this entry »

Phineas and Ferb Coloring Pages

Phineas and Ferb Coloring Pages

Phineas and Ferb coloring pages provide a great activity for kids. Mommies and daddies should make it a point to find the best coloring pictures of Phineas and Ferb to help their children.

After all, when compared to generic images of suns, stars, bags, flowers, and fruits, it is more entertaining for kids to color the characters they know.

It should be noted though that Phineas and Ferb coloring sheets are actually more suitable for older children. The reason for this is that the thought-process involved as well as the task itself is complicated. For example, unlike coloring an orange, coloring cartoon characters digs into the memory.

Kids will wonder, “What is the color of his hair again?” and even “What kind of shoe color will match the shirt color?” Their decision making skills are likewise honed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nickelodeon Coloring Pages

Nickelodeon Coloring Pages

Are you struggling to find the right activity for your kids? If they don’t seem to get excited about learning to read, write, or compute right now, it might be time to give them some break. This doesn’t mean that the learning will stop! Just stimulate their creative side through Nickelodeon coloring sheets – the activity isn’t taxing and it doesn’t put them under pressure.

The benefits of Nickelodeon pages to color may be more subtle but it is nonetheless there. In fact, some might say that the lessons children learn from simple coloring will stay with them for the rest of their life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mermaid Coloring Pages

Mermaid Coloring Pages

Are you looking for mermaid coloring pages? Don’t worry there are a lot of high-quality Little Mermaid coloring sheets available. You have the option of choosing which images you want your child to color. So kids of all ages will definitely have something fun to fill out.

The story of the “Little Mermaid” was made popular by Disney. Ever since the animated film was released, girls never looked at the ocean the same way again. The impact of the film can be felt up to this date. Princess Ariel remains one of the most lovable Disney characters of all time. Her story basically revolves around her forbidden love with a human. As a princess, she has a life of unmatched luxury and was well-loved by her subjects.

Ariel gave up her kingdom for the possibility that the she and the love of her life can be together. Along the way, she encountered a lot of obstacles including evil mermaid witches and other girls who tried to steal the price’s attention – this was because she made a bargain.

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