Eeyore Coloring Pages

Eeyore Coloring Pages

Do you like Honey, Soft and huggable friends that always make your days brighter, know that you can never trust bees and like to search for impossible things, then you must love this fellow and all the coloring pages and activities that include him. Have fun with the Eeyore coloring pages!

They reveal you the wonderful world on Winnie-the-Pooh and his unbelievably cute friends. If you love this moody, but adorable character, these coloring pages offer you the opportunity to color him and play a lot of games and activities by his side, and also learn how to draw him by your own!

Disney Eeyore coloring pages are about the character of A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh books, a grayish-blue with a pink or light grey muzzle, gloomy old stuffed donkey, one of Winnie-the-Pooh’s friends.

He proudly wears a pink bow on the end of his long tail which he loses all the time. Christopher Robin, the little boy in the story, helps him reattach his tail using a black drawing pin. T

he character Eeyore is able to write and teaches Piglet how to do that, and can spell his own name in a very strange name, “eoRueddd”. He can also write poems just like Pooh, and one of his works in the awkward “POEM”. Eeyore is very good at playing the game Poohstick, winning most of the time, to everyone’s surprise.

The allways collapsing stick house where he lives in the Hundred Acre Wood is labeled “Eeyore’s Gloomy Place: Rather Boggy and Sad”. The gray donkey has a bad opinion of the majority of the forest inhabitants, describing them as brainless. Despite his caustic sarcasm, he is capable of great compassion and affection: he grows a plant for Rabbit, showing the pland a little love. His catchphrases are “Ohhh-kayyy” and “Thanks for noticin’ me”.

If all these details aren’t enough to make you find him adorable, you should look at the Eeyore coloring pages to see how expressive and sweet he looks. You can even find Eeyore Halloween coloring pages, the costume representing him being one of the most popular ones. They can inspire you to create a very cute and comfortable costume for your kid to have fun with on Halloween.

Free Eeyore coloring pages can easily found on internet sites. You only have to download and print them to make your child a great surprise!