Spongebob is a favorite of many cartoon lovers today. That’s why Spongebob coloring pages are provided here so that you can print them out and enjoy coloring them.

Coloring pages with Spongebob and friends

Coloring pages with Spongebob and friends

But we don’t have just Spongebob coloring pages, there are also pages you can print and color for Patrick, Squidward, Gary, Plankton and other characters from the Spongebob cartoon that children will enjoy coloring.

SpongeBob is an animation series of great success, appealing to children and adults too, because of its subtle jokes and funny references, smart script and an expressive design that combines naturalism with an explosive fantasy. The show has won more than 23 awards and owns a hit line of merchandise, raging from Sponge Bob coloring pages, t-shirts, pijamas and video games to food and SpongeBob-themed electronics.

SpongeBob coloring pages present us the wakko designed characters, inhabitants of underwater city Bikini Bottom. The main character, Sponge Bob, is a square-shaped, yellow, big blue-eyed, wide smiling sea sponge, resembling a kitchen sponge, wearing a white shirt, red tie and brown shorts, having the amazing ability to store objects in the holes of his sponge-made-of body. The energetic, fun-loving and innocent Sponge Bob is ageless – although put in adult situations (He works at the Krusty Krab and attends boating school), his behavior is that of a child. He has an exaggerated enthusiastic face expression, with his round staring eyes under well defined eye lashes, two big teeth and rosy cheeks.

Gary the snail is Sponge Bob’s green-blue-pink pet, living with him in a pineapple. Instead of speaking, he mews like a cat in different tones and uses his horns for gesturing. Very intelligent, he reads good literature, plays the violin and advises Spongebob. Gary lives like a responsible human adult: eats toast and jelly, drinks coffee, pays the bills and sometimes answers the phone, and very important, he ties his own shoes.

Patrick Richard Star, Sponge Bob’s best friend, is a pink starfish with a good heart, no brain, a passion for ice-cream and cheese who lives under a rock. He has all sorts of crazy ideas, acting before he thinks, getting himself and Sponge Bob into trouble in almost every episode. In one of the episodes, he is presented as an expert and a guru in doing absolutely nothing at all, “meditating” in a stupid pose of brainlessness.

Spongebob Squarepants characters are available for you to color

Spongebob Squarepants characters are available for you to color

They are friends with Sandy Cheeks, a scientist squirrel from Texas. She lives in an underwater tree-dome and because she can’t breathe in the water, she wears an astronaut suit outside. Though very friendly, she always beats up Sponge Bob really bad when they are playing karate and is the strongest and toughest inhabitant of Bikini Bottom.

If you want to find out more about other interesting inhabitants of Bikini Bottom and friends of SpongeBob, like Squidward Tentacles, Eugene Krabs, Sheldon Plankton and many, many others, you can buy Sponge Bob coloring pages from any bookstore or simply download them from the Internet and print them.

You can download and printout the Spongebob coloring pages below.

In order to download the pages, click the thumbnails. Then right click on the opened image, and select Save as. Or you can just hit the print button on your browser to get the coloring page printed