Hello Kitty coloring pages can provide hours of enjoyment for your little ones. Children of all ages enjoy coloring one of their favorite kitten character and Hello Kitty is a favorite of many.

Hello Kitty coloring pages

Hello Kitty coloring pages

Hello Kitty coloring pages can be found in a variety of poses for your children to print out and color just a couple of rows bellow. Cause after all, who wouldn’t want to color this cute, lovable kitten?

Hello Kitty coloring pages and activity books are widely used in preschool teaching as learning material for children from 3 to 6 years old, because of the very simplified and attractive representations of animals, objects and environments.

Hello Kitty and her friends, numerous animals, are depicted using simple geometrical figures, yet very suggestive for the particularities of each animal. This way, the child can develop basic zoological knowledge. If he is already a fan of the television series or plays the video game, he can associate the name and characteristics of a certain animal with a well-known character. Using Hello Kitty coloring pages, preschool teachers can help children learn about the color of the fur or skin of particular animals. Making cutaways of previously colored pictures, collages of animals living in the same environment can be made. In addition, cutaways of these colored images can be used in arts and crafts activities for birthday cards, notebook covers, decorative objects etc.

The very simple and extremely suggestive design stile of the characters can help children learn how to draw. They observe how the basic characteristics of a subject are represented using simple lines and forms. They analyze and compare the forms used to depict different objects or beings, observing differences in shape, proportion, length and color. Hello Kitty Coloring pages can also be used for teaching foreign languages in kindergartens, when children cannot write down the word, but they can successfully associate it with an image, especially if he or she spends time observing it and repeating the word while coloring.

So many Hello Kitty chracters between these coloring pages

So many Hello Kitty chracters between these coloring pages

Also, the Hello Kitty coloring pages that present certain situations, environments, relations between characters can be used an educational material. For example, pages that show hello kitty at school, with all the objects she needs, are a good way of summarizing a learning topic about school objects. Pages that show Hello Kitty cooking are a good way of summarizing a discussion about objects found in the kitchen. Hello Kitty and her friends playing winter games is a good method for observing the changes happening in nature at winter time, the specific winter clothes and the fun activities that can be done in the snow.

Parents can buy coloring books or print coloring pages from the Internet and use them as learning-by-playing methods to develop their children’s knowledge, drawing and observational skills and vocabulary, even develop arts and crafts skills while assisting them in decorating the room with colored cutaways.

You can download and print out the Hello Kitty coloring pages below.

In order to download the pages, click the thumbnails. Then right click on the opened image, and select Save as. Or you can just hit the print button on your browser to get the coloring page printed

Hello kitty home page cand be found in this link, if needed.