Coloring pages of Pokemon characters

Coloring pages of Pokemon characters

Children like coloring pages because they offer them the possibility to express themselves trough color and help them with their drawing skills, especially if they depict their favorite characters.

Parents can encourage their children towards the artistic activities coloring pages imply and proudly decorate the walls, fridge and notebook covers with these little masterpieces their sons and daughters made themselves. With all the fuss Pokémon game and anime have made, Pokémon coloring pages are a great alternative for collecting expensive cards that lack personality and educational material. Help your child create his own personalized Pokémon collection, from images he or she colored all alone.

The word Pokémon refers to a series of different “pocket monsters” that children are encouraged to collect and take to combat to become great Pokémon trainers. The anime series follow the quest of Ash Ketchum, a little boy who is training to become a Pokémon Master, and his group of friends while traveling around the world of Pokémon alongside with their partners. The most popular of them is Ash’s first and signature Pokémon, Pikachu, a cute little yellow animal, resembling a rabbit, whose playfulness, wits and funny face expression make him adorable.

Coloring pages Pokémon can be colored with respect to the characters’ appearances or any way imagination dictates, and can be sorted by their characteristic first element in order to create a real collection. Cutaways colored with fantasy and glued on hard cardboard can be transformed into handmade toys. Children can have a Pokémon battlefield and training court in their own living room. They can even invent, draw and color new Pokémon, expressing their rich imagination in an artistic way.

Don’t hesitate and search for printable coloring pages and activities on Internet sites. Most of them can be downloaded for free, cover almost every character and theme and you can never run out of them, new Pokémon coloring pages being uploaded regularly.