Sesame Street Coloring Pages

Sesame Street Coloring Pages

Sesame Street coloring pages are among the most downloaded coloring sheets on the internet. And no wonder. Even before the internet became widespread, the black and white Sesame street pages are already in high-demand from bookstores, kid’s stores, and crafts establishment.

The history of Sesame Street goes a long way back. It was initially introduced in 1969 but since everyone loved it, the show became the longest running TV program in the United States.

Even some adults can’t help but love the series because it provides important lessons that are applicable in real life.

The Sesame Street series has over 40 seasons exemplifying the meaning of true “staying power”. Due to its timeframe, the show has entertained many generations. Children, who later became adults, also wanted to show Sesame Street to their won kids.

Characters like Big Bird, Oscar, Elmo, Ernie, Bert, and Cookie Monsters are as part of the American culture as Hollywood. They have been featured in countless Sesame Street characters coloring pages around the world as well.

Sesame Street coloring books enhance the educational experience provided by the show. It also serves as a reminder for kids about the lessons they learned from the TV series itself. For many kids though, they just love coloring their favorite characters.

Fun Things You Can Do with Sesame Street Printable Coloring Sheets

Aside from filling up the color sesame street characters with bright hues, there are many other fun things you can do with Sesame Street coloring pages. For example, the characters can be cut after coloring and then pasted on a large manila paper as a collage. This would be more interesting if several kids were involved in the project. That way, they will have fun disseminating the meaning of the scene and telling each other stories.

Meanwhile, if your kid has finished a lot of Sesame Street coloring pages, why not surprise them by compiling all these into one Sesame Street coloring book? They will surely love it. Seeing all their work together will inspire them to start a new project! Better yet, maybe you can ask them to staple all their work together with a well-designed construction paper? Then keep this work to remind them what a good job they did when they struggle in the future.

There are also a lot of parents who use their kid’s own work to make invitation cards. Yes, this is a good way to encourage children. Because their work is presented to others, they will feel more proud of the job they just completed. If your child has a birthday party coming up, you can also package the colored characters together with other goodies to be distributed to the invitees.

For kids who love giving cards and letters to each other, they can make their own cards through the use of Sesame Street coloring pages. They can paste this on folded bond paper and then write their message inside. Their friends will appreciate the effort they put into creating this special card. Another way to use Sesame Street characters coloring pages is to laminate these and then use it as decoration for your child’s room or as a placemat. Your youngsters will love it!

As you can see, there are certainly a lot of things you can do with color Sesame Street characters. They can fit in with a variety of situations; all you need to do is package them properly. These Sesame Street printable coloring sheets are easily downloadable in a number of websites. Choose a site that is easy to navigate and contains your favorite Sesame street characters in different situations.