Sonic Coloring Pages

Sonic Coloring Pages

Are you looking for interesting coloring sheets for your kids? If so, look no further than Sonic coloring pages.

Children from all over the world adore this character. His speed, his coolness, and willingness to save Planet earth endear him to boys and girls alike.

The cartoon has all the ingredients of a successful series: likeable character, simple yet unforgettable plotline, and interesting superpowers.

I first knew about Sonic the Hedgehog when I saw the cartoon series. The series immediately makes an impact and it is a show that you will constantly look forward to watching. It is an exciting, entertaining, and enjoyable show. Many kids all over the world enjoy watching Sonic the Hedgehog. Only later did I learn how big the character actually is. Aside from the TV show, Sonic is also featured in best-selling video games, books, and comics. There are also a lot of products with prominently displays the character.

For example, Sonic the Hedgehog bags are highly sellable among boys who love the series. Meanwhile, shirts, shorts, and other types of merchandize have also sold well because of the show’s popularity. In the gaming world, Sonic is deemed as the nearest rival of the legendary Mario Brothers – the game that changed people’s perception of video games.

History of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic was created by two Japanese artists. Naoto Oshima created the character whole Hirokazy Yasuhara designed the characters. The blue-skinned protagonist has an extraordinary capability to run very fast. Faster, in fact, that the speed of sound. Sonic also has other powers such as the ability to curl up like a ball and attack enemies.

The main plot of the story is based on planet Earth. But there are also other planets involved in the show such as Mobius. After all, Dr. Egghead is the only significant human character in this story. Dr. Egghead, also known as Dr. Robotnic, has a goal of creating his own army of robots. He wants to conquer the world except that Sonic is there to save the day.

The whole appeal of the cartoon series is the speed of the protagonist. Everyone can identify with this kind of power. In fact, a lot of kids secretly imagine that they can be a hero like Sonic! Having the power to save the earth and beat up bad people, who can resist that? It is not surprising that Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages are highly sought after.

While most Sonic fans are boys, make no mistake: this protagonist have girl fans as well. Just ask your daughter. She will definitely know something about Sonic coloring pictures because of the popularity of the cartoon. And if your children don’t know about this cartoon yet, now may be the time to buy or download some videos to introduce Sonic to them! They will definitely love it.

Download Sonic Coloring Sheets

Like any other kid, your children would love the protagonist. This may be the best time to print out sonic coloring pictures from the internet. While flower, bags, and general pattern designs are great for younger children, older kids need more stimulation. So printing out more sophisticated designs from popular series or stories may be a good idea.

Among the most popular coloring sheets out there include Cinderella, Sponge Bob, Dragon Ball, and a lot of Disney characters including Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages presents a challenge for children because their creative and decision-making skills are honed. They will need to decide which colors to choose and the level of work required is usually higher compared to generic pictures.