Cinderella Coloring pages

Cinderella Coloring pages

One thing that is very well known among kids is that sometimes, but only sometimes, pumpkins can turn into carriages. Unfortunately, it happens only in stories and if your child already found out about it, it would be a very good idea to buy him or her, Disney’s Cinderella coloring pages . Or get the for free from sites like this one.

Cinderella’s story is one of the most common bed time stories or simply, a very famous tale of a girl who was always bound to do the house chores, while her stepmother and stepsisters were treating her badly and punish her for no reason. Cinderella was a good girl that is why her Godmother, a good fairy, helped her go to the party where the Prince was planning to chose a wife.

She was so beautiful that nobody recognized her, not even her stepmother. The prince fell in love with her. At the stroke of midnight, the spell was broken and Cinderella left in a hurry, leaving behind a glass slipper that she could not return for. The Prince had every girl in the kingdom try on the slipper and eventually found Cinderella and asked to marry her. They lived happily ever after.

The Cinderella coloring pages represent different scenes from the story, scenes that bring to life the story itself in the mind of your child. The advantage of coloring sheets is that they help your young son or daughter to develop a sense if perfectness, by trying to color inside the lines, also becoming more handy and accustomed to using a pencil. The coloring book of Cinderella will make your child discover and dive deeper into the story, increasing their interest as they try to color the scene as real as possible. Soon, your child will be able to associate different colors and take the first steps of growing a sense of what beautiful is, as they finish another one of Princess Cinderella coloring pages.

Of course, if you would like, you can always print some Cinderella coloring pages right away. Simply search for Cinderella coloring sheets free of charge and you will surely find some on the internet. It’s that simple. Every parent loves his child and wants the best for them but you don’t have to keep looking in libraries and bookstores desperately, instead, with a few clicks away you can resolve your problem. Of course, you won’t have the book covers and the sheets might get lost, but if it matters to your child, you can pick either version and let them get busy.

And see the Cinderella coloring pictures below as well, they are all free and available to print for all of you.