Fancy Nancy Coloring Pages

Fancy Nancy Coloring Pages

Fancy Nancy is a children’s character from a book released in 2005. She is targeted for kids in pre-K through Kindergarten, and makes an excellent story character.

Fancy Nancy coloring pages are a great way to take your pre-k classroom beyond the story, and allow for creative fun time while discussing the story and the character!

If you haven’t introduced your pre-k classroom to the ever popular Fancy Nancy, then take some time to learn about what the series is about. Fancy Nancy is a creative young girl that enjoys fancy things such as boas and extravagant hats. She always dresses with flair, and wears random clothes like fairy wings and ruby slippers.

Nancy doesn’t just dress fancy, she speaks fancy too! She loves words that are big and glamorous, such as ecstatic and French words. This teaches your classroom to build vocabulary and a love of words, while going along with a fun story.

Fancy Nancy coloring pictures are a great way to incorporate more of this beloved character into your lesson plans. After story time hand out coloring sheets for the class to color. Ask questions about the story as they color their pictures, to enhance reading comprehension. Printing sheets is a lot easier on a school budget as well, so it shouldn’t be as big of an issue as buying coloring books from a store or other source. Printing is free, and there is on the small cost per sheet of paper – which is still rather affordable!

The Fancy Nancy franchise is an excellent thing to bring into your classrooms, whether you are a teacher at a pre-k school or if you are a kindergarten teacher. Students, both boys and girls, will love the story and quirky character of Nancy. You can even act out some of the parts with the students! This will engage them in the story and create a lifelong love of reading.

When you print Fancy Nancy pages to color you are opening a portal for students to love reading. Being able to connect with a character is important for early reading development and comprehension. Coloring her and bringing her to life is something that will make the student “bond” with reading and enjoy it that much more. If you have students that do not show an interest in reading, then try a more engaging story time with your class including printable coloring pages.

Luckily the types of children’s stories that are available today are not so different from ones of the past. Most children authors have maintained the wholesome and fun attitude for picture books. This cannot be said for television shows and video games however. Coloring pages are the most wholesome way to engage your classroom in fun activities that are suitable for the 3-7 age groups. Everyone will enjoy Fancy Nancy colouring sheets and their free time to color what they want!

Other ways to involve Fancy Nancy in your classroom is to have toys and other materials from the character available. Not all budgets allow for this, but if you have any say so in the new materials that come in for the classroom, go with a few affordable goods from the Fancy Nancy series and franchise. Girls will go crazy over the stuff, and boys may like it too! This is certainly a character that everyone will enjoy.

Coloring pages for the classroom are not always easy to come by, but we have plenty of free ones available right here. The options should keep your class busy for awhile during free time, and give students plenty of time to creatively explore their imagination and the world around them. It doesn’t hurt to allow the girls to dress up as Fancy Nancy during coloring time either. Just print and then you are ready to watch as they enjoy the world of Nancy.