Tinkerbell coloring pages

Tinkerbell, Disney's famous fairy

Tinkerbell is the little tiny fairy from the Peter Pan animated movie made by Disney. It has become in time perhaps the most famous fairy and one of the most loved Disney characters. And since kids love Tinkerbell, I’m sure they will also want to draw and color her on a couple of Disney Tinkerbell coloring pages.

So that’s what we have here: a couple of free colouring pages with Tinkerbell and her fairies friends from the Peter Pan and Wendy animation movie. All you have to do is download them on your computer, print the printable tinkerbell coloring pages on paper and hand them over to your kids to start coloring them. Pretty simple, ay?

Tinkerbell is a fairy character from “Peter and Wendy”, a great book about childhood and the power of imagination. Only a supporting character at first, described in the play of J. M. Barrie as “a common fairy”, she has soon increased in popularity in the animated versions of Peter Pan, becoming the unofficial mascot of The Walt Disney Company and the centerpiece of its Disney Fairies franchise, inspiring the movies a series of movies centered on her. She is one of the most beloved Disney character among children, Tinkerbell coloring pages, video games, mascots and comics being a top line of merchandise. It is interesting to see how Disney animations can transform a fade, image-less character into a branding icon.

In Barrie’s play, Tinkerbell was a fairy who mended kettles and pots, a real tinker, speaking a strange “fairy language” that consists of the sounds of a tinkling bell. The first productions of the play represented this character using the reflection of a powerful lamp in a small hand mirror, which created the illusion of a playful circle of light on stage. Bells were used for her “voice”, some of them carefully selected from Switzerland by the writer himself. As a joke, on the programs, a Miss ‘Jane Wren’ was listed in the role of Tinkerbell. One of the reasons for this character’s success was its personality: very jealous, ill-tempered and vindictive towards Wendy, she is kind and loving to Peter, to the point of self-sacrifice. This personality based on extremes is explained by the fact that the fairy’s small size lets her have only one feeling at a time.

TinkerBell coloring pages and available in this post, for free

TinkerBell coloring pages and available in this post, for free

Throughout film adaptations, such as  Peter Pan (1924), Peter Pan (1953) , Fox animated program Peter Pan and the Pirates(1990),  anime series Peter Pan no Boken(1989), Hook (1991), Return to Never Land (2002), Peter Pan (2003), Finding Neverland (2004), Tinker Bell (2008), Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009), Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010), the character’s appearance, psychology and ability to speak developed: sometimes animated and with no dialogue but musical expression, sometimes played or voiced by actresses such as  Virginia Browne Faire, Julia Roberts, Ludivine Sagnier , Debi Derryberry and by Sumi Shimamoto. Growing in popularity, she has featured as a hostess for Disney’s live-action television programming, such as Disneyland, Walt Disney Presents, Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, and The Wonderful World of Disney. She also appeared in many Disney comics and in the Kingdom Hearts series of video games.

Nowadays Tinkerbell coloring pages reveal the iconic image of the magical world of Disney: respecting her most widely known appearance in 1953’s animated Peter Pan, she is depicted as  big blue eyed, blonde, hour-glass figure female, dressed in a short lime-green dress and green shoes with white puffs. She is covered in fairy (or “pixie”) dust, which she sometimes spreads from her wand to help human fly if they truly believe they can.

We’ll be looking for other interesting coloring pages with Tinkerbell and other fairies in the future, so stay tuned for more updates. We’ll try to have coloring sheets for beginners but also more advanced Tinkerbell pictures from coloring books.

Now download the printable coloring pages with Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and others, below.