Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and delicate creatures in the world. Their beauty stays in their gorgeous colors and in the extreme fragility of their wings.

Care to color some butterflies?

Care to color some butterflies?

There is a legend where butterflies are said to have stolen their pretty colors from flowers, also admired for their bright colors and attractive smell.

They say that, at the beginning, all butterflies were as white as snow. And, when they started to fly around, they saw beautiful flowers and were magically drawn to them. They said to the flowers: `How can we get lovely colors like you have?` And the flowers generously let them sweep their wings on their petals just to get a few spots and stripes. And then the butterflies liked it so much that they flew from flower to flower and filled their wings with many bright colors.

Children are fascinated about colors and that is why they love butterflies so much. To make your kids happy everyday, you can now help them enjoy the graceful figure of butterflies whenever they want to. No, you don`t need to go hunting for the little insects or show them pictures of them. You can do much more than that! The butterfly coloring pages are images that your children can fill with color and patterns, using their imagination and developing their creativity.

And you also get to save your money! You don`t need to buy any coloring book, you just need to print the butterfly coloring sheets and give them to your children. After they`ve finished, you can make an album with the most beautiful ones or hang them on the wall of their room.

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