Did you ever get to complete color by number pages when you were a small child? If so you will surely want your kid to have the chance to develop his creativity like this.

Color by number pictures vary from landscapes such as mountains or fields to animals or cities, or even people. They are basically maps with an indication of what colors to use. Your kid will receive the legend of „the map” and will then have to fill in the spaces with the corresponding color given in the legend. If the child does not complete the image successfully he will not be able to understand what the whole picture represents. The only way they will discover the correct image in the picture is by successfully completing this procedure. If your child cannot read such indications (which numbers go with which colors) you can help him by coloring the spelled color with the corresponding color.

Not only is this a very interesting, catchy and intriguing activity for your kid but it is also very useful for your child’s first steps in his education. Your child will be able to develop the linking process which helps his memory and thinking. If he starts liking color by number coloring pages, he will soon ask for more and this activity will become pleasant and fun. Later in life you may be thankful because you offered your child real support in the direction of growing of a good memory and straight thinking.

If you want to start looking for color by number pages you can first simply search small libraries or special bookshops that offer merchandise for children. Another option for you is to order such books for kids online from dedicated sites. If your lack of money could prevent from buying the best for your small loved one, but still want to make your child happy, you can search for printable color by number pages using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo Search.

The reason why your child will enjoy spending time in order to do such an activity, like color by number coloring pages, is that the piece of art only reveals itself after they filled the last area with color. This will give your child a sense of accomplishment.

And you can see the color by number pictures below as well, all printable and downloadable for free.