Flower Coloring Pages

Flower Coloring Pages

Beautiful and vibrant flowers – who would not like them? Flowers are the perfect decorative item for the home because it can immediately warm up even the barest of spaces. It also serves as a great gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and even Christmas. Truly, its appeal is all-year-round.

Colorful flowers are highly attractive even for children. It is no wonder that flower decorating pages are highly popular for kids as young as three! Mommies and daddies can find free flower coloring pictures easily on the internet for their children.

It is a fact that coloring flowers can be fun. In fact, children especially girls have a good time when they’re doing this activity. Lessons can also be taught by the parent or teacher while the children are engaged with coloring. For example, did you know that the different colors of flowers have meanings?

That’s why certain colors are used for special events such as engagements and weddings. The activity of coloring flower sheets can be used as a learning experience. Here’s a lowdown of what different colors are associated with:

Red – symbolizes passion. It is the favorite of youths because it represents deep emotions especially love, desire, respect, and admiration. Red is also the symbol of desire and constancy. If someone gives you a red flower, it usually means they are attracted to you. Enthusiasm is closely associated with this color as well.

Yellow – it is used to represent friendship, luxury, pride, success, and on the downside, treachery and jealousy. But if someone close to you gives you a closer, it certainly doesn’t mean anything negative! In fact, friends usually give yellow items to each other to strengthen their relationship.

Green – a refreshing color that is associated with nature. That’s why green is used to represent health, youth, resilience, and good fortune. If someone gives you a green-colored flower, it sends a signal of optimism, renewal, and pleasure.

Orange – this is a very strong color that is used to symbolize satisfaction for attaining success, strong love, and passion for life. Orange is a vibrant color that kids also love! Make sure to give your kid an orange Crayon, he/she will surely use it on the flower coloring pictures.

Pink – it seems that pink is the favorite color of boyfriends and girlfriends. The color is not as strong as red but nonetheless demonstrates admiration, love, and passion. It is also used to symbolize gentleness, confidence, delicacy, and grace. A darker shade of pink may be used to show appreciation or gratitude.

White – this symbol of purity and peace is usually used on wedding. It is also a token of humility, silence, and acceptance. Basically, it is used for important events because white demonstrates sincere and pious feelings.

Purple – the color used by royalty, purple has been a favorite among the elite for many generations. It demonstrates dignity, pride, and success. Purpose flowers represent accomplishment and admiration.

Lavender – this color is a token of refinement, elegance, and beauty. Women love this color and the lavender flower is used for a variety of beauty purposes.
Blue – the color is believed to inspire trust, openness, and peace. A blue flower is the perfect gift for a poet, an artist, or a musician. This color has a unique ability to boost inspiration.

Kids will color their flower coloring pictures with a variety of colors. Parents can tell them what these colors symbolize to help them learn more from it.

Given all the benefits of coloring pages of flowers, it is not surprising that an increasing number of parents are choosing to get printable sheets off the internet. That way, they can also control the types of flower designs they give their children.