Free coloring pages with Precious Momments characters

Precious Moments coloring sheets available in this post

Precious Moments figurines have been collected by people for decades.  They are a very popular item for a little girl to collect.  Now they can add Precious Moments coloring pages to their collection.

Precious Moments is one of the most known giftware corporations in the world. Initially a licensing corporation under the name of Jonathan & David, it partnered with Enesco Corporation, extending the product line towards Christian-themed giftware, including porcelain figurines. Even a “chapel” from in a theme park in Missouri, now a museum, was decorated with Precious Moments images, depicting children in biblical scenes. Today, Precious Moments coloring pages and cards are widely used, regardless of their initial Christian theme.

Presenting cute, innocent teardrop-eye children, Precious Moments images are often used as cards. Most of them depict in love children sitting on a bench, holding a big heart, drinking juice from the same cup, the boy giving flowers to the girl, as two angels sitting on clouds, or dressed as bride and groom. They can be very touching engagement party, wedding and wedding anniversary cards or invitations, as well as Valentine’s Day cards or birthday cards for the loved one. Pastel-colored images of children dressed as little angels and porcelain dolls are also very successful at baby showers or as gifts for the baby’s first birthdays. Very popular Christmas Cards are Precious Moments images and porcelain dolls presenting the Birth of Jesus.

Many precious moments scenes available to color in here

Many precious moments scenes available to color in here

Also, Precious Moments coloring pages are widely used as educational material. There is a famous Precious Moments graphic alphabet depicting suggestive images and their initials. These series of coloring pages representing Biblical angels, prophets, scenes and parables are excellent material for religious education, making it easier for the children to relate to Biblical characters. The pictures of animals and children playing are very popular among those who like coloring pages, too. Many kids decorate their room, fridge, notepads and book covers with Precious Moments images they colored themselves. By asking children to invent a short story that goes with the image, school and preschool teachers help developing their imagination vocabulary and self-expression abilities. In addition, Precious Moments coloring pages are often used in Arts& Crafts classes, where very presentable anniversary or holiday cards, as well as themed collages about professions, animals or Biblical stories can be made using only crayons, a pair of scissors and glue.

To sum up, if you are searching for a cute card to go with a present for a person who loves children, or don’t know what coloring pages to give to your kids, you can easily find Precious Moments prints on the Internet, some of which can be downloaded for free. If you really like this kind of art, you can even google the contacts of selling collectors of porcelain dolls and cards and buy a rare piece.

Precious Moments coloring pages include many of the most sought after figures for your coloring enjoyment.  You will find many of them that you can print out several times and color each one to look different for a whole collection.

In order to download the pages, click the thumbnails. Then right click on the opened image, and select Save as. Or you can just hit the print button on your browser to get the coloring page printed