Horse Coloring Pages

Horse Coloring Pages

Horses are wild animals, but many are domesticated today. In the past horses were hunted for skin and meat but this is less common today than it was hundreds of years ago.

Horses are intelligent and majestic animals that provide so many things to humans, such as companionship, riding, and pulling objects. Horse coloring pages are a great way to tribute these beautiful animals in the greatest way possible.

There are more than 350 breeds of horses in the world, which includes ponies and miniature breeds as well. Horses also have a 10 pound heart, and can drink 10 gallons of water each day depending on their energy exerted and climate.

Horses may be beautiful but they are hard to care for, especially since their hooves require trimming to keep them safe and healthy. Horse coloring pictures can outline the various horse attributes, such as a “star” on the forehead, as well as their massive size.

One of the only breeds of horse that is native to North America is the Mustang. Yes, this is where the popular car gets the name from. Mustangs are strong, very large, and very fast. They are still able to be found in the wild but the numbers are decreasing quickly. It is easy to say that mustangs are amongst the most beautiful horses in the world.

If you are looking for horse pictures to color then you shouldn’t have any difficulty. Horses are one of the most popular animals! The males are known as a Stallion, and females are known as Mares. Baby horses are called Foals, and small sized horses are known as Pony’s. Keep in mind that a baby horse and a pony are not the same thing! Pony is a specific type of horse that only grows to a certain height and weight once fully grown.

You can find free coloring pages of horses through our site, as well as other places. Of course some of the best coloring pages will cost you a small amount of money, but you can still find free ones if you just want to print something out for quick and easy entertainment! There are always available pages to make your time spent coloring worthwhile. Simply find the image or images you enjoy most, and print them from your computer! It doesn’t use a lot of ink either, since line art is very simple and doesn’t use a large amount of color or ink.

Horse coloring pages will thrill your child when you present them the pictures to color! This is especially true if your child loves to color and also loves horses. The possibilities are endless for coloring. While your child colors their pictures of horses, you can tell them horse facts or ask them what they know! This is a great opportunity for you to bond with your child and learn a thing or two about their favorite animal.

One of the most interesting breeds of horse is the Camargue horse. When they are born they are pure black, but grow into being a pure white adult! These horses are small and live in Southern France naturally. The horses are very strong despite their small size, and have massive muscles capable of carrying adults quite easily! Horse coloring sheets will certainly cause an interest in horses to develop in your child if it hasn’t already.

Horses are interesting animals with grace, power, and intelligence. Getting in the way of a horse can be damaging to the person that happens to irritate it, but otherwise horses are gentle. When cared for and trained properly a horse can be a person’s best friend, especially since they live 20 years and up. Not all horses are friendly, so if one approaches you great care must be taken not to startle or irritate the animal. Coloring pages will certainly help your child learn more about the species and different breeds they may like!