iCarly Coloring Pages

iCarly Coloring Pages

iCarly is the hit Nickelodeon teen sitcom featuring Carly Shay, her eccentric big brother Spencer, and her two best friends Sam and Freddie. The main point of the show is the web cast that she hosts during each of the shows.

Carly and her friends go through a number of events and issues during each episode. Sometimes its her brother getting into a weird situation, or Sam and Carly getting into a fight. Whatever the case iCarly coloring pages are an excellent way to engage your child or pre-teen in a quiet activity.

Miranda Cosgrove, the girl that plays the Carly character, is well known for her work in tons of TV shows and movies. She was also a main role in Drake and Josh, another sitcom on Nickelodeon.

Miranda gets paid at least $180,000 per iCarly episode, making her one of the highest paid teen stars out there! Children, pre-teens, and even young adults love her acting. iCarly is relatable, amusing, and sarcastic without being a “bad influence.”

One of the major recurring things with the iCarly series are the mini-movies. They are known as “multi-arc” episodes as well, and span across an hour to an hour and a half time frame. iGo to Japan was the first for iCarly which aired on November 8th 2008. Since then there have been 5 other multi-arc episodes, such as iDate a Bad Boy, iFight Shelbey Marx, and iPsycho. Each has a different plot and they often get a number of views when they premiere.

iCarly coloring pictures are a fun way to get your child or pre-teen to do something creative with something they enjoy. iCarly is a well loved show so there are tons of coloring page options to choose from. Even teens that like the show will enjoy spending quiet time coloring or painting. Plus, for older kids they can be used as more than a coloring sheet, but as an art reference or even as part of a bigger art project! The possibilities are endless when you use iCarly coloring sheets.

If you are looking for iCarly pictures to color for your child then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn you can find tons of options for free! Coloring pages are easy to print and use and can keep rowdy children entertained for hours. Set your child up with a few iCarly shows and some coloring sheets and expect nothing but giggles and quiet for the next hour or so. Coloring pages make an excellent creative outlet, especially when they involve a favorite character.

Another unique thing about iCarly coloring pages is that she is a person, not a cartoon. Many coloring sheets and books out there mainly feature cartoons. Giving your child a real “person” to color is a way to teach them a different side of art and coloring. After all, coloring in realistic art versus cartoon art is very different. Think of this as a creative learning process.

iCarly is certainly one of the best Nickelodeon shows to be released. With high grossing numbers and plenty of dedicated fans, it is no wonder she isn’t more famous than she already is! With pencils, notebooks, paper, and even clothes available, iCarly is a superstar in her own way. Coloring pages will excite your teen and give them something to look forward to after school, which is both creative and fun to do!

Unlike many young teen stars, Miranda Cosgrove is a great role model and makes a great actress. Her shows and movies are engaging and humorous, which is something many young teen stars lack in their work. Expect to see plenty more of her in the upcoming years, even after iCarly is over. Coloring pages will keep the show alive for your children, and offer plenty of fun for everyone that participates.