Lighting McQueen Coloring Pages

Lighting McQueen Coloring Pages

Kids can enjoy hours and hours of fun with Lighting McQueen coloring pages. Aside from being entertaining, the activity also stimulates the brain – helping kids become more creative and disciplined.

Coloring can actually help the right side and left side of the brain develop. It is even more beneficial if you use coloring pages of Lighting McQueen because of the theme of the movie.

The movie is very wholesome. It is definitely an interesting movie to watch for kids and adults alike.

How the Left and Right Side of the Brain Works when using Lighting McQueen Coloring Pages

On the right side of the brain, creativity comes in the form of thoughts; kids learn how to be artistic and innovative at an early age. Meanwhile, on the left side of the brain which is responsible for the ability to read, write, and talk, the activity contributes to better coordination and functioning.

Basically, children need to utilize the left side of their brain to figure out the shape in front of them. The structure is analyzed subconsciously and they need to determine where to add colors. It strengthens the pincer point and allows a child to understand the concept of boundaries. Lighting McQueen coloring sheets challenges kids even more. After all, they would need to color a racecar!

Story of Lighting McQueen Coloring Pictures

Lighting McQueen is one of the most popular characters that have been introduced by Pixar. Unlike some classics like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, this character has only been introduced in 2006. But its impact is immediate and a lot of kids are still raving about the film up to now. The racecar was named after Glenn McQueen, an animator from the company who actually passed away in 2002.

At the beginning to the movie, Lighting McQueen was arrogant and self-centered. His main goal was to win the Piston Cup and get an endorsement deal from Dinoco Oil. He is skilled but the result of the race ended in a three-way tie with Strip “The King” Weathers and Click Hicks. McQueen had to go on a tie-breaker race in California. But along the way, he took a detour and funds himself in Radiator Springs. The town as almost abandoned because of the construction on Interstate 40.

Lessons from Lighting McQueen Sheets

Lighting McQueen accidently damaged the main road to the town because he was afraid of the sheriff. As a result, he had to repair the old road before he can go to Los Angeles where the race will be held. He encounters a lot of interesting characters in the town and develops friendship with several of them. For example, the town’s judge and doctor, Doc, turned out to be a former racecar driver. Meanwhile, Lighting McQueen also falls in love with Sally, an attorney in town.

These experiences lead him to understand that relationships and love is more important than fame and fortune. On the tie-breaker race, McQueen remembered the tactics the Doc taught him, helping him gain an edge. But before he was able to pass through the finish line, he saw that the King’s car spun out of control because of the Chick’s dirty tactic. He stops to help, making Chick the winner. But he has allowed the King to drive through the last race in his career with dignity, earning him the respect of the crowd. The Chick was booed because of his tricks.

The lessons from the movie are highly suitable for kids. By using coloring pages of Lightning McQueen, they will also constantly remember the importance of friendships and love over fame.