Mandala Coloring Pages

Mandala Coloring Pages

Mandala coloring pages show beautiful examples of “mandala”, the sacred art of Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions, the word meaning “circle” in Sanskrit. The concentric diagrams called mandala are used in sandpainting and meditation practices.

They are perceived as microcosmic representations of the Universe from human perspective. Nowadays, decorative art has borrowed the Sanskrit term of mandala to name any concentric diagram with a low or high level of design complexity.

In many spiritual traditions, mandalas are used for focusing attention of adepts and aspirants, as spiritual teaching material, for creating the perception of a sacred space, as a method for meditation and to induce trance.

The worldwide famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung studied about the mandala, seeing it as “a representation of the unconscious self”, believing that he could identify and treat emotional disorders trough his mandala paintings. It is beloved that manala’s symbolic nature can help people to access deeper and deeper levels of the unconscious, which leads them to the experience of a mystical sense of identification with the unity and origin of cosmos.

The classic Hindu and Buddhist mandala is a square with four gates in the shape of a T, containing a circle with a center point.  The mandala like images can be found in gothic churches rose windows and even in flower ornamentations in gardens. These images are well known for the peacefulness and meditating power they give to the watcher.

Filling mandala coloring pages is an easy, pleasent activity that releases stress, helps your concentration and visual memory and also allows you to experiment with color associations. Mandala coloring printouts are used in elementary schools, nursing homes, cancer wards and mental health facilities around the world because of their healing effect on the mind and the body.

You can find free mandala coloring pages on the Internet, if you want to relax, lose stress, increase your concentration ability or simply have fun with colors, creating beautiful images.  Free printable mandala coloring pages can be successfully used by children, because they develop coloring skills, attention and discipline, and they also calm kids down after an agitated day.

They can learn how to draw their own mandalas using simple geometry and get basic knowledge about aesthetics, composition, rhythm and balance in images. They can be used as designs for jewelry, tapestry and other decorations and the pages can even be transformed into handmade decorations that lighten every space they are placed in.