If you are the proud parent of a little boy, you probably had already some requests for monster coloring pages. At first sight, a mother would suggest something else, like how about cars or dinosaur coloring sheet? But usually the little boy doesn’t give in to temptation so easily and specifically sticks to the monsters.

Cookie Monster Coloring pages

Cookie Monster Coloring pages

Sometimes, as a parent, you may succeed in negotiating in the favor of monster truck coloring pages. These coloring pages usually contain drawings of monster trucks in different poses and allow a quite big range of variation when coloring the paint of the cars.

Even adults, mostly males, enjoy monster truck races and representations, so it could do no harm to your little „grownup” man. The effect it has on young boys is hard to describe and might have a solution in the genetic code. One thing is for sure, Monster Truck coloring pages will appeal to them and will keep them busy and absorbed for a while.

Another coloring book worth to add to your little boy’s monster coloring pages collection could be monster vs aliens coloring pages which, by all means, will keep your kids entertained, especially if they have seen the movie. In the movie, a girl named Susan becomes gigantic after she is hit by a meteorite. She becomes friends with some strange monsters after being locked away in a secret government location in the desert. When alien forces attack Earth, Susan and her monster friends are asked to fight the enemy and save the Earth.

Cookie monster coloring pages, we have to admit, is the most famous and most loved coloring book. Its character, the Cookie Monster, is the most friendly (and silly) monster of all. You might know him from the sesame Street adventures or TV series. He loves eating cookies, as his name suggests, but also advises a healthy diet.

Coloring books are your child’s best way to upgrading new skills like coloring and drawing. These first steps are important because one day, it’ll be easier to make those pesky writing’s first exercises, where it’s good to have a steady hand. Secondly, monster coloring books could make your child’s imagination bloom. These unusual but friendly creatures will guide your child’s interest to a world of fantasy, a world where impossible might be hiding under their bed.

You can search online for any of these coloring sheets and you will find plenty to chose from, ready for printing. All to your child’s joy. Or you can pick from the many below.