Bolt Coloring Pages

Bolt Coloring Pages

Bolt is an animated film released in 2009 staring Miley Cyrus as the voice of the main female character. This Disney movie is charming and witty, with plenty of high action scenes in the film. The characters, story, and animations are exciting and upbeat as well.

Bolt coloring pages are engaging and cute, perfect for kids ages 2 through 10. With the feisty Bolt that thinks he has super powers, and the overweight hamster, there are plenty of characters to color.

There are plenty of fun facts behind Bolt, such as Mittens that cat being originally named Mr. Mittens! Her original owners didn’t care if she was a male or female, and just gave her any name possible.

Originally the overweight hamster was going to be a rat. Somehow along the line, storyboard concept art morphed him into a hamster. You can still see that he has some rat qualities about him!

Bolt coloring pictures are suitable for all ages and provide a fun way to connect art to an excellent animated film. With voices from Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, this movie was a hit from the minute trailers were released in 2008 – and even now it is a well loved film for all.

Of course, Bolt is also a traditional story of the underdog that doesn’t realize he is an underdog. Bolt truly believes that his powers are real – that the dangers he faces actually happen. He doesn’t realize that the danger he faces on the way to find Penny are real – and not just part of a television show. It is when Mittens and Rhino make him realize his powers are not what he thinks they are, Bolt actually finds the power within himself.

Disney Bolt coloring pictures are a way to teach your child the value of self awareness and being strong in your own way. You don’t have to be a big size to be able to fight for what you love. You can be a superhero without a cape or wings or superpowers. Bolt teaches an important lesson of finding himself on a journey and realizing that heroes come in all shapes and sizes! That is a lesson all children need to learn, and one that Bolt emphasizes.

A Bolt coloring book in store will cost you quite a bit. Considering the popularity of the movie and the current costs of coloring books, you can expect to pay at least $5. However, Bolt coloring sheets can be printed off your computer quickly and easily. It costs almost nothing and just takes a few seconds. After that your child will have plenty of coloring pages to occupy their time and keep them busy when chores and schoolwork are complete.

Kids may sometimes ask “What kind of dog is Bolt anyway?” The truth is, Bolt is a unique breed! He is based off of the American White Shepherd, but the designers and artists ended up with a unique dog that is not available anywhere in the world! How amazing is that? Bolt is something special, even though he is a fictional character.

Bolt coloring pages are free, and absolutely adorable. Let your child express his creativity through the exciting world of Disney and the characters from the movie. There are endless options for coloring and artistic work, which equals plenty of quiet time. You can use these coloring pages as a reward, or just as something to do on a rainy day! There is truly nothing you can’t do with fun coloring pages that are free and easy to print. Parents and children alike will appreciate what they offer and the coloring possibilities. Bolt is a great story and has a lot to offer children – so why not color some of the most popular characters and scenes from the movie? If you mess up, you can just print another!