Dr Seuss Coloring Pages

Dr Seuss Coloring Pages

Dr Seuss is a brilliant author that has written and illustrated tons of books for children with deep meaning. Adults today probably grew up with Dr Seuss as many children now are still doing.

There are very few people out there that actually dislike the stories he creates. His stories are special and often have hidden meanings behind them.Children typically do not pick up on those meanings, but adults can easily do so and take a lesson from them.

Dr Seuss coloring pages are a perfect way to further enjoy the Dr Seuss legacy through an artistic medium, just like the Dr once did!

A good example of the hidden meanings in many Dr Seuss books is “The Lorax.” This book is one of the strongest books for environmentalism ever written for children. It is about the logging industry and how bad things are for the animals and environment. This is a sensitive but important topic to discuss with children so they can understand how special our world is.

Of course while kids are coloring pages of Dr seuss, you can tell them that his real name is Theodore Geisel. Dr Seuss was just a creative pen name that he went by. His short stories and poems are often a part of controversy, whether indirectly or directly. People often misuse his famous lines to promote organizations and ideas.

Another interesting tidbit about Dr. Seuss is that “The Cat in the Hat” was created to interest children in reading and loving to read. He felt that Dick and Jane books were boring and too simplified, and how could anyone expect children to get interested in that material? “The Cat in the Hat” certainly did its job, because now even adults love to read it and children go crazy for Dr. Seuss books.

Dr Seuss coloring pictures are a brilliant way to celebrate the passion behind many Dr Seuss books. There are a lot of interesting facts behind them, and you can recite those to your child as they color. For example, “Green Eggs and Ham” only uses 50 different words. No more and no less. This is a feat that few writers could accomplish. Yet the story is vibrant and interesting. “Green Eggs and Ham” coloring pictures go well with all children and are fun to color too!

There is no doubt that children love Dr. Seuss, but they should also know the historical facts and figures behind all of his short stories. There is so much information packed in rhyming and creative lines that it can be difficult for even adults to catch on. But if you want to give your child a head start, tell them the information behind every Dr. Seuss book you read. Let them know what the stories are really about. They will not only learn more, but develop a deeper interest in writing and reading too. With Dr Seuss printable coloring pages your child can go on an adventure through the lands of fiction that he created and wanted children to enjoy.

Hopefully with coloring pages available for free, children and parents alike can help keep the Dr. Seuss legends alive. The more people that stays interested in his stories, the better. Many books are being tossed aside for movies and video games, which does no good for the literacy of new generations. It is always important to encourage your child to love reading and writing and Dr. Seuss books and coloring pages are an excellent way to do so.

Even though he is now gone, his legacy is well and alive. Print coloring pages and let your child’s creativity flow freely. It is what the Dr. would have wanted for all children, and what will keep his beautiful stories alive in hearts and minds for many more decades to come.